This is every writer/blogger’s frequently asked question. In a space where your blog titles are the biggest difference it is important to keep your readers stay on your blog rather than wanting to skip, so mastering the art of writing a good blog title is imperative and there is no escaping.

But why do we need good titles?

  • Because titles are the first things that show up in search results. Almost 9 out of 10 times, the search results are what decide if the reader clicks your blog link.
  • Because they can engage your customer to within a few moments.
  • Because search engines determine what your website is about from your page titles.
  • Because they hugely contribute to your SEO, making your blog more findable.

So here are some simple Tips on How to Write Good Blog Titles

Make Sure it’s Relevant

Your title is a promise to the reader; if you phrase them wrong then readers might just drift away. Usually, they click your blog title link hoping to find some useful information. Your title must accurately describe what the reader is searching for. Most importantly the meta description should support the blog title.

You have to be creative and original

A unique title will usually be seen by the reader with a pleasant surprise in an otherwise boring list of titles in his search volume. It is the one easy way to stand apart from competition and grab your reader’s attention. Make sure your blog titles are a balance between creativity and SEO.

Please keep it short and simple

Your blog title should typically consist of 6-8 words, an ideal title must be read with just a single glance. When you share your blogs on social networks or when it appears in the search results, your readers must be able to find the entire title instead of half cut words.

“Include Keywords” – Optimize for Search and Social Media

It’s not all about creativity that helps the human readers to click your blog title; keywords are the ones that will help search engines know what’s in your blog. But keywords actually help the reader also know the subject of the blog.

Engage the Reader, pose a question

Of course questions make great blog titles. But you also need to introduce the element of curiosity. How about you suggest to the reader that there is something to look forward to after clicking the title that will certainly help them stay on your blog page, is that not something you want to do?

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