Marketing Automation and the art of boosting the rate of conversion

The never-ending argument of quality leads vis-à-vis the non-quality leads amid the growing trend of Marketing Automation has already begun. While the debate about quality and non-quality is just an incidental one, the larger picture needs to be visualized & conceptualized for a better and thorough understanding. The advent of Digital Marketing made the entire marketing community presume that the medium would provide them a seamless flow of communications with consumers resulting in the overall growth of business. While in reality that was simply not the case to be, the marketers did achieve a fair amount of success with respect to their attribution of Digital Marketing, its potential and their belief in the medium to deliver. The medium did deliver to an extent but over the period and lack of time the methods and processes slowly started disappearing and was almost on the verge of corroding out.

As history itself is the right testimony, when one process is on the verge of collapsing, another slowly emerges. When one invention is not meeting the needs, another improvised version that possesses additional features with better impact emerges upon. Thus, another improvised version called ‘Marketing Automation’, which selectively and holistically targets and delivers leads emerged for now.

The argument whether ‘Marketing Automation’ delivers quality leads is about to begin

Marketing Automation brings in a certain kind of discipline and order to the entire marketing communications. The disciplines and order needs to be channelized efficiently for better scalability and results. The results are directly related to the methods and processes that have been adopted for the integration of Marketing Automation. The effective approach and pattern to deliver effective results would be: –

A). Appropriate channelizing of marketing communications and  platforms

 The channelizing of advertising & marketing communications with reference to the various platforms that would be used need to be thoroughly synergized for better impact and results. The mediums and platforms of Advertising, Social media, E-mail marketing, Lead generating campaigns, Landing pages and SEO need to be aligned effectively to deliver optimum results and quality leads.

B). Synergizing the process of Lead Generation 

Taking charge and control of the website traffic, landing pages and E-mail communications delivers better leads. The synergizing and intensification of all these mediums would enable and empower Marketing Automation to efficiently deliver quality leads. The very purpose of integrating Marketing Automation for a business is to generate, nurture and convert leads. The method and quality of synergizing completely decides the quality of lead generation.

C) Automation leads to efficiency

The overall alignment and synergizing of various mediums of marketing communications with Automation is to achieve efficiency. The personalization with each lead basis their information is a superior advantage. The personalization initiates the marketing communications to be delivered in a time bound and effective manner.

D) Automation improves customer retention

The metric embedded in the Marketing Automation software aids in improving customer retention. The information and the analysis of the percentage of customers who re-visit the store or the site to buy again completely aids in the process of customer retention. The information on customers would be helpful towards their engagement or gratification programs and other promotional strategies.

As the saying goes ‘All’s well that ends well’ is befitting when quoted for Marketing Automation and its utilities. The investment in Automation is worthy enough in all respects for a sustaining and a growing business.

Automation is here to stay. Automation is here to deliver.


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