5 features of Marketo that will make you a pro at Marketing Automation!

Marketo Features

Marketing automation experts all over the world swear by Marketo as their favoured marketing automation platform! This is mainly due to the myriad advanced features that Marketo offers, which are unavailable in other marketing automation platforms. By optimally utilizing all the features offered by Marketo, you can personalize every stage of the buyer’s customer journey, track all your campaigns, offer engaging content and boost your productivity. Read on to know 5 amazing features of Marketo that will make you a pro at marketing automation!

1. Revenue Cycle Analytics – The 1st feature in our list is Marketo’s revenue cycle analytics feature. This is an extremely helpful feature as it helps marketers analyse marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, email effectiveness and more. The revenue cycle analytics features works on Marketo with the help of JavaScript tracking technology. The main functions this feature gives marketers include opportunity influence analyser, program analytics, email analysis, revenue tools, revenue cycle models and revenue explorer. Marketers using Marketo as their marketing automation platform should use this feature to streamline the sales funnel and generate more leads. With the help of revenue cycle analytics, you can understand if your marketing programs can be traced back to an opportunity. This helps in identifying sources from where you are generating maximum traffic and customize your marketing efforts accordingly.

2. Predictive Content – Marketo’s predictive content feature is a favourite amongst our marketing automation experts at Telloquent Solutions! For people who have no clue what this is, predictive content refers to the methodology via which content is automatically personalized according to a user’s interests, needs and requirements. With predictive content, you can ensure that you provide the right people with the right content and at the right time. Marketo uses machine learning and predictive analytics to track how users are engaging with you and accordingly suggest them content that will give them the maximum benefit. Organizations using Marketo as their marketing automation platform can use the predictive content feature to identify which content to recommend, effectively engage with customers, drive ROI and track the success of content marketing.

3.Account-level Insights – The 3rd feature on our list is Marketo’s account-level insights feature. This feature allows marketers to manage all the target accounts from one place as well as determine the correlation between the campaigns that are running and their actual effect on the marketing objectives. With the help of AI, marketers can identify target accounts, score them based on their priority and track the engagement of each account. This feature can also be upgraded with plug and play ABM integrations to improve the overall ABM workflow.

4.A/B Testing – Achieving maximum returns from your marketing automation efforts depends upon testing any and everything that you do. With Marketo’s A/B testing feature, you can test alternative versions of your emails, landing pages, campaigns, forms etc to see which is working better for your target audience. An added advantage of using Marketo’s A/B testing feature is that it allows you to test different sections of an outbound email, like, subject line, email-from address and more. By ensuring that you test everything, you can ensure that you do not waste time, money and efforts on campaigns that will give no returns.

5.Dynamic Content – The last feature on our list is Marketo’s dynamic content feature. Every marketing automation expert worth their salt knows that the more you personalize, the more you can engage with your target customers! Dynamic content is the key to in-depth personalization. Marketo’s dynamic content feature allows users to dynamically change content based on the customer, for maximum engagement. If you are using Marketo as your marketing automation platform, all you need to do is first divide your prospective customers into homogeneous segments and use the dynamic content feature to dynamically personalize emails, landing pages, forms, campaigns and other pieces of content, based on these segments.

Apart from the above features, Marketo comes with several benefits that can streamline your marketing efforts. Whether you’re new to marketing automation or an expert, using Marketo as your marketing automation platform can boost productivity, help you save your time and costs and generate positive results within a short frame of time. Now that you know the top 5 features of Marketo, read on to know 5 Marketo hacks that can help you save your time.