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5 mistakes everyone makes with marketing automation!

While marketing automation has taken over the marketing world by storm, there are several organizations that are yet to adopt this technology. The main reason why even the most tech-savvy marketers hesitate to adopt marketing automation is because of the perceived complexity of marketing automation tools. In addition, many marketers are afraid of making mistakes while using marketing automation tools. Our marketing automation experts at Telloquent Solutions are here to help! Read on to know 5 common mistakes everyone makes while using marketing automation and how to avoid them.

1. Using marketing automation as an email marketing tool – The biggest mistake that marketers can make is using marketing automation only as an email marketing tool. There is so much more that marketing automation can do! When starting off with a marketing automation platform, you should spend adequate time understanding the various features that are on offer. While marketing automation tools can be extremely helpful in email marketing, using all the features can deliver maximum benefits to you. Common features offered by most marketing automation tools include ABM, lead nurturing, lead scoring, campaign management and more. Strategically using all these features can help you be successful with marketing automation.

2. Lack of personalization – Most marketers think that incorporating marketing automation is enough to boost customer engagement. That is not at all true for today’s audience. In the case of today’s savvy customers, a high degree of personalization is imperative to get them to engage with your brand. Customers must feel that they are important to you and not just another source of revenue. Hence you must personalize your offerings to be highly targeted and relevant to each of your customers. Marketing automation can help you to a great extent in personalizing your offerings and communication. With marketing automation tools, you can figure out the products and services different customers are interested in and send them content based on the same.

3. Being too robotic – No customer is interested in speaking to a robot. Irrespective of the technology being implemented, organizations must ensure that there is a clear human element. A big misconception that most people have is that marketing automation must be robotic. There are several ways by which marketing automation can be made less robotic. Marketing automation can be made more human by providing targeted, customized content, strategically using email marketing, focusing on social media marketing, implementing lead nurturing and much more. Marketing automation with a human touch can help you drive engagements and boost profits.

4. Not staying updated with the latest developments – Most marketers feel that learning how to use marketing automation is a one-time thing. Nothing could be further from the truth! Marketing automation tools are constantly evolving! Marketers must continuously update their knowledge regarding marketing automation. Online communities specifically created for particular marketing automation platforms, for example, the Marketo Community, are a great help in updating your marketing automation knowledge. By becoming a part of these communities, you can not only get regular updates regarding marketing automation but also know the common problems other marketers are facing with marketing automation and how to overcome the same. Not staying on-track with recent trends and updates can result in your marketing automation strategy being obsolete as compared to that of your competitors’.

5. Not measuring performance – Every experienced marketer knows that all marketing activities must be periodically measured to guarantee success. The same goes for marketing automation. Just buying a marketing automation tool and executing a marketing automation strategy isn’t enough. To ensure high performance, the results and returns from marketing automation should be monitored closely. If you failed to periodically measure the effectiveness of your marketing automation activities, you might miss out on small problems that may have a large negative impact. In addition, measuring the performance of marketing automation can also help you check what is and isn’t working and make changes as and when necessary.

Marketing automation tools can be very helpful in increasing engagement, driving conversions and boosting revenue figures. While traditional marketing can help you get leads and profits, there is only so much you can do without marketing automation! As a marketer, understanding and strategically using marketing automation can help you achieve your marketing objectives within a short period of time.