7 email marketing statistics to up your marketing game!

Email Marketing

Marketers across industries have been consistently using email marketing to connect with their customers. While there are several digital marketing strategies, very few are as effective and cost-efficient as email marketing. Business success is impossible without harnessing the power of targeted emails. If you are still wary about the benefits of email marketing, read on to know 7 mind-blowing email marketing statistics that will surely change your mind!

1. Over 3 billion worldwide email users by 2020 – A study by Radicati Group suggests that the number of worldwide email users will top 3 billion by 2020. Thus, it is imperative that marketers capitalize on this opportunity.

2. $1 spend on email marketing gives a return of $42 – Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies that yield high returns. As per the Data and Marketing Association, by spending only $1 on email marketing, the ROI can be as high as $42.

3. Personalized emails drive up email open rates by 18.8% – As per a study conducted by Statista, customized emails increase email open rates by 18.8%. Including the name of the email, recipient isn’t enough. Your emails should be targeted and designed to be highly relevant to individual customers.

4. The average open rate for a welcome email is 82% (GetResponse) – Welcome emails are important in engaging with customers and making them feel valued. Make the most of this statistic by including relevant information in your welcome emails.

5. Lower unsubscribe rates with email list segmentation (Lyris, Inc.) – Email list segmentation is the key to creating personalized emails. By segmenting on the basis of factors like age, gender, demographics, and more, marketers can send highly targeted emails. These emails are valuable for customers, thereby lowering unsubscribe rates.

6. Mobile devices account for 49% of all read emails – As per a study by EmailMonday, mobile phones account for 49% of all read emails. Hence, it is important that all emails are optimized for mobile devices. This will ensure that customers can easily check their emails on their smartphones.

7. Three abandoned cart emails result in 69% more orders than a single email (Omnisend) – The power of abandoned cart emails is unsurpassed. Several customers add products to the cart and abandon the site. Sending emails as reminders can drive customers to return to their cart and complete the sale.

Leveraging email marketing can help businesses boost their business operations at competitively low costs. Engaging, timely, and targeted emails are the best option for business owners looking to grow their traffic and increase profits.

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