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We are a team of passionate marketers, technologists and strategists.

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Agency Background

We ran a digital agency for 4 years. If there's one pattern that was common across most of our clients - it was this - they didn't have thier house in order; misaligned technology, people and process. What's the point of spending millions in buying ads if you don't have the system in place to maximize the returns from that reach? Telloquent is our initiative to fix this problem.

Technology Knowhow

Besides being a preferred partner of most popular MarTech platforms, we also do a lot of custom technology work as part of System Integration engagements. Over half of our team are engineers who are involved in development projects; they continually review rapidly growing landscape of new marketing technology platforms. Of late, we have also started contributing to open source MarTech projects.

Thought Leadership

Senior folks at Telloquent write and speak at various MarTech meetups and conferences. We also share our insights through blog posts and case studies. The pace at which MarTech landscape is growing is unprecedented but we do our best to remain on top of things.

Offshore Delivery Capability

We are probably among just a handful of vendors who have offshore delivery capability for MarTech services. We have an excellent onsite-offshore engagement process in place that allows us to deliver highest quality services to our clients at signficantly lesser cost.

Not sure if you are making the best use of MarTech investments?

Very often a traditional (non-technical) marketing team gets comfortable with just one or two basic features of marketing tools while ignoring the rest of the platform. For instance, if you are using marketing automation as a bulk email system instead of exploring all of its rich potential, you're not getting the best returns on your MarTech investments.

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