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If you are already sold on implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud - excellent decision! we won't be preaching to the choir. SFDC Marketing Cloud is arguably the most powerful marketing platform out there. However, you can only harness its power if it's implmeneted correctly and used appropriately. A recently published survey revealed that over 50% of the companies that procured SFDC only use a couple of very basic features it offers primarily because of lack of in-house skilled marketing automation experts and inabliity of people working in captive units to learn from peers. At Telloquent, we are striving hard to solve this problem by providing you certified experts who work as your extended team and also continue to evolve their knowledge as part of a larger group of marketing technology community at Telloquent.

Adopting Salesforce can greatly improve your marketing results, but only if it’s thoughtfully implemented and then actually used.

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