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When a brand starts with their digital marketing, analytics is always one of the major aspects where the focus lies. While running digital campaigns, brand integrates Google analytics with their digital assets to understand the performance and optimize it. This way the user is focusing just on how that brand is performing and they struggle to keep a track of their competition in the market. Therefore, your marketing strategy doesn’t have competition benchmarks to achieve and improve on.

Now as we are in a digital age where we can perform almost every work by using one or the other tool. To solve the problem of being not able to track your competition on the metrics critical to form and benchmark brand’s marketing strategy, there is a tool called SimilarWeb which lets you analyze your competitor in all the important metrics.

Similarweb is a digital marketing intelligence tool which gives users a detailed analysis of the website that includes traffic source, keyword analysis, global ranking about the website.

Website Analytics

With the help of Similarweb, you can see website ranking, traffic overview along with traffic from subdomains, in-depth view of engagements and traffic source. Below is an example of


Top Websites

With the help of Similarweb, you can see all the top similar websites along with all their statistics related to your business, helping you understand your competition.

top websites+analytics


Competitor Analysis

One of the best features of SimilarWeb which caught my eyes is its ability to do in-depth competitor’s analysis. With the help of it, you can get to know about your competition’s digital efforts. On SimilarWeb website, you just have to add the competitor’s website and it will show you where you are and where your competition is. It looks at their website traffic, referral sources, targeted keywords, and keywords which are bringing traffic to the website, making it one of the best ways to SEO and paid campaigns as we exactly know which keyword to target for getting traffic and improve the search rankings.

In Below image, they have analyzed and its competitor



SimilarWeb also provides you with an understanding of your audience in terms of age, demographics etc. helping you further to improve your digital marketing strategies.


SimilarWeb gives various purchase options to its users. They have a free version which can give you up to 3 months web traffic, mobile app engagement and 5 results per website metrics. Further, they have Premium and Custom plan which is a customized plan for which you need to get in touch with their sales executives.

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