When April, the Giraffe decided to birth its fourth calf, it created hysteria across the internet. Over 100,000 people are tuning in to YouTube every minute to see if she has delivered the calf yet. Interestingly, Animal Adventure Park- the zoo that keeps this tall pregnant lady has not even opened its door and it is already basking in the glory of sky high views and cheers.
For all, we may assume that April is all strong and powerful to bring her baby in the middle of a blizzard, but what deserves the most number of applauses, is the creative team behind her.

There are hidden marketing lessons that we can learn from Animal Adventure Park:

  • Do not wait for the perfect moment to start

Where can you begin executing while still perfecting?

What we do not understand here is that Animal Adventure Park has not even opened its gate for day one, and it has already created a wave in the news and media garnering exorbitant attention. That’s a brilliant marketing/promotion step! When it comes to business, we should be a genius to start before waiting for the perfect time. We should know when to start effectively that will hit the rod.

  • Your ordinary is always someone else’s extra-ordinary

What is your ordinary that others would find extra-ordinary?

This is another lesson that we learn here. For a zoo, a giraffe giving birth to a calf is an everyday phenomenon, but for the general population it is phenomenal. Only because this one giraffe had been lifestreaming! Know your ordinaries well.

  • Making Smart use of tools at hand

What tools do you have but not using them to the fullest?

What Animal Adventure Park did was what no other zoo did. When April got pregnant, its caretakers nonchalantly decided to livestraem it. Who had known it will take a turn like this? They already had the required tools with them (a camera and internet)

  • A call to action is a must

Do you know when to make that certain move?

A common mistake that many businesses make is they forget to take a call to action when required. Animal Adventure Park has topped the list in marketing. In the description under the video being livestreamed, they have already played their shot- Download GiraffeMoji for $1.99 from the App Store, or simply donate to the organization’s GoFundMe page. Perfect moment, perfect marketing!

With millions of people viewing the video every minute, what a failure it had been if it could not make use of the moment. April has been an outrageous hit ever since, with giraffe memes coming up, pregnant women imitating her, or people losing their patience because her labor is taking too long.
The zoo has set an example for the rest. It has left lessons behind that marketing is all about how you make it to be. One should remember that the most engrossing phase of turnover occurs from the seed of an idea till its execution. You never know what hits when and you are a star already!