These days we hear a lot about artificial intelligence and its perceived applications which can transform business. Artificial intelligence is the next big thing on the planet and its one of the applications- image recognition, is supposed to transform business forever.

So what is Image Recognition??

It’s the process of identifying, understanding and detecting an object/feature in a digital image.

You might be having questions about how machine/computer can identify images.

Computers can be taught to accurately identify the pictures based on their databases containing millions of images tagged with keywords about what is inside the pictures — everything from favorite pet dogs and mountains to drink and sports activities (computers can accurately identify dogs in photos, because they have already learned what dogs look like by analyzing millions of pictures tagged with the word “dog”).

Have you ever wondered why Google and Facebook let you upload so many pictures for free?

It’s because these platforms use those pictures to train their deep learning networks to become more accurate. Once these platforms have the data, it’s time for them to build a machine that can learn from it. Google and Facebook sell keyword tagged and user labeled image to AI startups.

For example, Google Cloud Vision offers a series of image detection services from facial and optical character recognition (text) to landmark and explicit content detection, and it charges on a per-photo basis.

Microsoft Cognitive Services offers a collection of visual image recognition APIs, including emotion, celebrity and face detection, and charges a specific rate per 1,000 transactions.

Following things can be done using image recognition application:

An impressive image recognition technology can be used for the blind, so that they can identify and understand about images and actual they can “see” what’s going on in a picture and explain it out loud.

Google’s famous automatic car uses image recognition technology to detect large animals and objects on its way.

Image recognition technology can help beauty companies to find out pictures of people with high-volume hair to serve ads about hair-minimizing shampoo or solutions, also hair transplant or hair growing solutions to bald people.