Social Media Marketing- What and Why?

When and how Social Media became a buzzword in the marketing industry, no one really knows.

Social Media happened to the world so briskly; it created a reputation of itself being a passing marketing interest, a ‘fad’ what some may call it. When everybody waited for it to whiff away, it however stayed. Studies had been conducted to assess the credibility of the same and it showed a completely different picture. Recent research performed by Hubspot revealed that 92% of marketers have found out Social Media to be an extremely essential medium to promote their brands and businesses. 80% increase in traffic in websites has also been reported thereafter. Not having social profiles on popular platforms is regarded to be a strategic loss for all those companies that are looking to reach greater exposure in the digital market.

As more and more marketers are willing to indulge in social media marketing, what many still lack an understanding of is the right tools to be used. As people know that there is a huge potential to increase turnover, they are quite sceptical about how to achieve those results.
Foremost thing, to get a grip over the audience at large, it is important that the consistency regarding company’s image and tone is maintained throughout the multi-platform digital experience. Since the influence of social media is highly strong, it leaves applied benefits for the organisations.

  • Influential place to showcase the brand

Using social media, marketers can build reputation and showcase their brand in an efficient way. Regular updates and posts on various channels subconsciously lead the audience to view the company as an authority.

  • Builds a loyal base of prospects

By having an emotional connection with customers on a regular basis strengthens the loyalty factor in them thereby inducing them to purchase more. Social media has become virtually limitless in terms of relationship building opportunities for marketers.

  • Enhances online brand exposure

Social media offers massive exposure to brands that use it due to its worldwide accessing capability, sharing options, and an increasing number of daily users. Since marketing takes place online, businesses can promote their products going beyond geographical distances. It serves as a beneficial medium in building relationships beyond office walls.

  • Increases website traffic and SEO ranking

As witnessed by researchers, strong online presence leads to high volume of traffic on websites. Best way to convert leads into prospects is to integrate social media pages with company’s website. Many organisations are following this technique also to boost their SEO ranking. Combining SEO with social media is a new powerful marketing mix that facilitates marketing efforts maximization.

  • Curbs Marketing Costs

Essentially, social media helps in cutting offline marketing costs. The quality of it being affordable is what makes it highly user-friendly and accessible. Advertising on digital channels increases ROI. Wonders in brand recognition and increase in sale can be witnessed without investing huge on time and money.

With the introduction of social media, the entire marketing landscape has seen a vast transformation. Very soon people realised that digital platforms cannot just enhance a personal image but can also double the reputation for companies. All it takes to keep the social media campaigns ruling and rolling is creativity, consistency and willingness.
While you ponder upon how to fight your competitors what you do not know is that millions of prospects out there are waiting to be reached.
By the time you realise how effective social media marketing is, you might want to see your next prospect coming from there!