Earlier Twitter was just an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, “tweets,” restricted to 140 characters. Registered users can post tweets, but those who are unregistered can only read them

But now  twitter can also be used as a powerful marketing tool for companies and brands to stay connected with their customers, employees, and business partners .

                   why will you consider using Twitter marketing for business?

Well this is a common question which will come in everyone’s mind. So here are the list of outcomes which twitter marketing gives to your business.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Keep up with the latest trends in your industry
  • Promote your blog content, videos, presentations, etc.
  • Boost your website SEO.
  • Drive website traffic
  • Get instant feedback about your products and/or services
  • Increase the reach and impact of your PR initiatives
  • Gather real-time competitive intelligence
  • Monitor your brand reputation
  • Support your recruiting efforts by connecting directly with potential employees
  • Gain direct access to high profile individuals.


                             Benefits of using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Well the next question is that what are the benefits of twitter which makes it different from other platforms.

Here are several of the benefits of Twitter and why they can help your business succeed.



Twitter is the only platform where you can interact with the potential customers personally.This type of interaction builds loyalty and brands your business. Its true that you wont reach as many customers as you can with other type of marketing platform, but it’s possible to have a better interaction with them and potentially create a long lasting relationships.

Market Research

In many ways twitter can be used as a market research tool.As you interact with customers, search twitter and etc you will come to know what exactly people are talking about you,your product,your services,& your industry and in return you will find few great idea that would help your business in future.

Customer Satisfaction

Twitter is also considered as an excellent customer satisfaction tool.As through this platform not only you can respond to your customers query but also you can find contacts through the search feature of twitter who have mentioned your business.

This helps in re-tending the customer for longer time and indeed maintaining the brand name.

                                      WHATS NEW IN TWITTER

So this was all theory about the twitter. Now quickly i will like to tell you all about whats new in twitter now for marketing.

Well the topics i will like to talk about in this section are below

  1. Conversational Ads
  2. #Ownthemomentplanner
  3. New website conversions objective
  4. Native Ads


So lets talk about all these in details



It is an ad in the form of a tweet. It includes a “call to action” button with customizable hashtags which increases customer engagement.

Well here’s the answer to it.

When a call-to-action button is clicked, Tweet composer opens with a pre-populated brand message accompanied by the creative and the hashtag button.

As a thank you the consumer then receives a message from the brand for having engaged for the tweet.

Finally, the new Tweet appears to the consumer’s followers in their timelines, and it includes the brand’s original photo or video.

Each shared Tweet is powerful because it drives earned media for the brand at no extra cost, resulting in higher ROI.

This is how it looks.


This gives you list of upcoming events as well as ideas on potential tweets you can send out.

So you can set a campaign 2 to 3 weeks ago and plan it on #ownthemomentplanner and then it will decide the best time to show your ad and also to the right audience.


Website conversions objective was introduced in september 2016 specially for direct response advertisers.

It is designed to help drive cost efficient conversions at scale.

It is especially effective for advertisers who want to retarget website visitors to drive more conversions.

Website conversion campaigns uses the data from twitter website tag’s and interest and then optimizes your campaign to drive more conversion while meeting the cost per conversion goal.

Through this you can reach your twitter audience as well you can extend your campaign to multiple apps and website to drive conversions


Native ads are available to advertisers who are running mobile app install campaigns on twitter audience platform(TAP).TAP can extend these campaigns to reach an audience of more than 800 million visitors to Twitter and thousands of popular apps.

                                     HOW DOES NATIVE AD WORK?

So Native ads use your existing assets so you don’t have to keep on making a unique set of creatives for each publisher. Simply check the “native” box when launching a new mobile app install campaign on the Twitter Audience Platform and your ad content will be automatically re-assembled to match each app’s unique design and layout.

It is as simple as it sounds try out in your next mobile app install campaign.

So this is all for now Do share your views in comments.

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  • Tauqueer says:

    We generally use Facebook paid ads – in what specific cases (industry / objective etc.) would you suggest we try ads on Twitter instead of say Facebook?

    • Shweta says:

      No i suggest along with Facebook we should also use twitter for marketing as with this we will get more conversions(leads) and traffic as well plus one benefit here is that we get to interact with potential customers personally.
      So along with other paid ads if we also use twitter ad for more conversions and branding of business.

      • Caden says:

        Thanks for the great article. A quick correction: the photo labeled as “New Music Co-op in front of Richard Long’s Summer Cie&1rc#822l; is not the New Music Co-op. We are in the photo below that one, with the bright windows and large Baroque painting. Thanks!

  • Thomas Mann says:

    Twitter Website Conversions at one time only charged for the conversion event. Now it charges for impressions and the conversion. Not cost efficient at all.

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