Yes, I am talking about Advocacy Marketing and here is how it is defined.

“Advocacy Marketing is a form of marketing that emphasizes getting existing customers to talk about the company and its products inorder to acquire new customers”

So, why Advocacy marketing?

There are 2 reasons why you should do Advocacy marketing:

  1. It’s because, as per a report more than 80% of shoppers research online or consult with their family and friends before buying, and having people publicly advocating for the product gives these researchers something to find and study.
  2. Trust gap:

The trust gap between your marketer and the prospect is huge.



 Do you Know?

How can you do Advocacy marketing?

Say you have a huge customer base and you want to perform and manage marketing. Here are some interesting tools which you can use to do that.

All these tools have their own pros and cons. I would go with Influitive because of its gamification features and user-friendly UI.

Let me walk you through the features of Influitive advocate hub.

Reach wider audience:

Your buyers don’t trust marketers or salespeople, but they do trust recommendations from their peers.

Influitive’s AdvocateHub motivates advocates to share content, reviews, and testimonials across the social web, resulting in more impressions, engagement and traffic for your brand.

Accelerate your sales pipeline:

Heat up your sales cycle with warm referral leads, enthusiastic references, and genuine reviews from happy customers.

Strong referral, reference and audit administration capacities in Influitive’s AdvocateHub permit you to get a greater amount of the social confirmation your business group needs to evade, slowing down purchaser nervousness.

Improve customer engagement (Gamification):

It’s easier than ever for your customers to switch to one of your competitors. Your best defence against churn? Engaging your customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Influitive’s AdvocateHub allows you to build 1-to-1 relationships with your customers at scale — without expanding your team.

Complete referral management:

When your customers love you, they’re willing to tell people they know about your company. All you have to do is ask!

Influitive fosters this love through an advocate-centered approach to collecting, tracking and rewarding referrals submitted by your happy customers. And because referral leads close faster and more often you’ll notice an acceleration in your sales pipeline.










Integrate Advocacy into everything:

Your customers exist everywhere in your business, so you don’t need yet another place to manage them. That’s why Influitive’s AdvocateHub features an integration library which allows you to plug advocacy directly into your existing processes and track that impact every step of the way.

We can integrate with CRM, Marketing automation, referral management tool and more..

Here is a quick video which helps you understand better about Influitive and it also depicts how it can be used with any CRM, showing Salesforce as an example.


As a marketer once should use their hidden asset ie., Advocates to acquire new and qualified customers along with his Advertising and several other marketing efforts which will act as a catalyst in the process.

“Your brand advocates are more valuable than any advertisement you could ever buy”


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  • Tauqueer says:

    What if it backfires? Like say a few customers are unhappy from a service mistake that wasn’t in hour hands – and now we have given them these very powerful tools that can amplify even the negative message as much. Are there checks and balances in these tools to prevent negative messaging from getting amplified?

    • Sivalingam says:

      Yes, of course. This tool qualifies a customer as an Advocate based on the engagement level they have with the product and only after having a certain engagement score they will be promoted as an advocate and asked to give referrals, by doing this the unhappy customers will be left out from Advocate program. However, It is the duty of the organisation to give continued genuine service and rewards to the advocates, in order for the advocacy marketing to perform better.

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