How can marketing automation help you save your time and money?

Marketing Automation

As discussed in our previous blogs, marketing automation has several important and useful features which can help in improving productivity and efficiency. Marketers synchronize marketing automation tools with the overall campaign strategy to cut down on time and increase ROI. Here are some ways how marketing automation can help you save your time and money:

1. Email marketing automation is an important and necessary tool to save on time and money. Most companies send mass emails to their prospects and customers. Mass emails usually do not generate any results as they end up in the spam folder and are ignored by prospects. Email marketing automation creates and develops highly relevant and personalized emails, which are sent to customers depending upon time-based and behaviour-based triggers. Automating emails ensure that prospects receive content that is relevant and interesting to them. Moreover, via email marketing automation, marketers can also save up on a lot of time, as they do not have to send the emails manually.

2. Marketing automation tools can be effectively used to schedule client meetings and appointments. Meeting scheduling is a repetitive task which takes up a lot of unnecessary time. Instead of manually scheduling meetings, automating the process can save up to 80% of the time of marketers. Moreover, in manual scheduling, a lot of time is wasted in miscommunication and conflicts between the company and the client. This can be avoided via marketing automation tools that automatically schedule meetings and appointments.

3. Up-selling to an existing customer is easier and cheaper than getting a new customer. It can cost 5 to 30x more to acquire a new customer than to up-sell to an existing customer. Up-selling to existing customers depend upon the level of engagement with such customers. Often, without appropriate follow-ups, customers who purchased once can go cold. It is extremely important to engage with such customers and build a good relationship with them. The best way to engage with existing customers is via marketing automation. Marketing automation tools can help in creating strong and powerful follow-up emails which help in engaging customers. This ultimately results in up-selling opportunities.

4. A very important way in which marketing automation software helps in saving time and money is lead scoring. Lead scoring enables marketers to rank leads based on their willingness to purchase. Without lead scoring and marketing automation, sales personnel end up wasting time following up with cold leads, instead of concentrating on hot leads and leads who are willing to purchase with a little push. Marketing automation software provide lead scoring tools, which can be used to identify important leads and follow-up with them. This helps in saving time as well as money.

In today’s competitive environment, an organization cannot grow without marketing automation. These are just some ways in which marketing automation can help in saving time and money. According to growth hacking influencer, Ehsan Jahandarpour, 78% of marketers say marketing automation can increase your revenue. Check out to know more about our marketing automation services.