How to use chatbots and marketing automation to boost profits?

Chatbots and Marketing automation

According to a study by Gartner, chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions by the year 2020. Companies integrate chatbots into their websites and social media pages to provide an engaging and seamless customer experience. Recently, there has been a rise in chatbot marketing automation. This is basically a combination of chatbots and marketing automation platforms which when implemented into your corporate strategy can help you in improving engagement and ROI. Confused how to go about this? Here are some ways in which you can use chatbots and marketing automation to boost profits:

1. Lead Generation – Landing pages are the holy grail for marketers when it comes to lead generation. Marketers use marketing automation to create attractive landing pages to gather customer data and generate leads. A smarter option for generating leads is integrating chatbots into your marketing automation platform. These chatbots can then be used to engage with your prospective customers through informative conversations. With the help of these conversations, you can understand exactly what your prospects are looking for and whether their needs match your offerings. Having a clear understanding of your prospective customers’ pain points can help you identify leads that have a higher chance of conversion.

2. Data Collection – Chatbots and marketing automation is extremely helpful in collecting valuable data from prospective customers. Engaging bots can be integrated into your website and social media pages to chat with visitors. While interacting with prospects, marketing automation platforms can be used to keep a track on exactly what your customers are saying. This includes trending topics, common pain points for multiple customers, repetitive complaints and more. With the help of this information, you can streamline your marketing campaigns and offerings to be more relevant and effective. By keeping a track of common keywords and phrases used by visitors during their conversations with the chatbots, you can also integrate the same into your website and marketing campaigns, thereby improving SEO. Finally, by obtaining feedback from your customers you can also improve the quality of your chatbots, facilitating improved data collection.

3. Customer Support – Chatbots being used as customer support is a common sight today. Major companies like Zomato, Starbucks, Spotify etc use chatbots to provide a superior experience to their customers by ensuring the best customer support. By integrating chatbots and marketing automation platforms you can easily track the time when your website/app/social media page is receiving high-volume traffic and ensure that your bots are functioning smoothly during this time period, without any hitches. Moreover, by automating answers to repeat queries with the help of marketing automation, chatbots also guarantee that you can provide 24/7 and quick assistance to customers, as and when they need it.

4. Segmentation – The success of all your marketing activities depends upon effective customer segmentation. Proper segmentation ensures that you can understand the pain points and requirements of your prospective customers and customize your offerings accordingly. Segmentation is one of the main features of marketing automation. Chatbots can enhance your segmentation activities. While bots are conversing with visitors, marketing automation platforms can be used to understand their needs and create different lists. Finally, personalized messages, content and offers can be sent to these segments, hence driving more sales and revenue.

5. Customer Loyalty – A comprehensive strategy consisting of marketing automation and chatbots can help you in providing a superior customer experience. Chatbots have the ability to provide 24/7 assistance to your customers, answer all their queries on your website as well as social media pages and have valuable interactions. Additionally, once you understand the individual requirements of your customers with the help of chatbots, you can use marketing automation to deliver personalized emails and content which is relevant for them. These activities help in building powerful relationships with your customers, thereby boosting customer loyalty and driving sales.

Chatbots and marketing automation platforms are here to stay! Utilizing these technologies can give you a competitive edge in the market and solve all your organizational problems. Using chatbots and marketing automation can help you boost sales, improve customer experience and streamline your marketing processes. Read on to know how marketing automation can be used in account-based marketing.