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Digital marketing works best when you use it to not only get discovered by your future customers but also to create the necessary momentum for them to actually engage in business with you. This is imporatant for all kinds of business but it's particularly critical for a business that has long sales cycles such as B2B, Real Estate, B2G etc. We are a team of experienced digital marketers, consultants and technologists focused on solving this specific problem.

Our first-hand experience in running and managing marketing operations (PPC, SEO, Social etc.) while dealing with strategic digital marketing challenges over several years has enabled us to provide solutions that will not only solve your short-term marketing challenges but also strategically place you for long-term success. Even if your immediate need is increasing the volume of leads, having a robust marketing technology foundation with people-process alignment is critical if you want to continue to grow business aggressively in future. We can help you get there with strategy, implementation and execution.

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  • Strategy Consulting

    We choose to work with clients who are not only interested in addressing short-term marketing exigencies but also in building a marketing technology infrastructure that can scale in future. Our strategy consulting services help clients identify the most appropriate technology stack and digital marketing capabilities that is needed to reach, engage and convert customers. We help them setup processes and train marketing teams to effectively use digital technologies. We also setup data governance best practices and create dashboards for marketing leaders to better understand campaigns and customers.

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  • Implmentation Services

    We can implement marketing technology and automation platforms by customizing them to your specific needs while following industry best practices. Many surveys have revealed that marketing teams with limited prior experience in using such tools end up using only a couple of easy features undermining the value of investment done in procuring the technology. The expert consultants at Telloquent are equipped with the perfect combination of technical knowhow and marketing expertise to handle such projects. Our professionals are certified by most marketing technology platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Engagio etc.

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  • Campaign Execution

    Digital campaigns for companies that have longer sales cycles need to be designed and optimized keeping longer term engagement in mind. Unlike a regular eCommerce or an FMCG company campaigns that are mostly focused on creating impulse desire and purchase, our campaigns inform, engage and invite prospects to explore and have a more meaningful experience with our clients. This reuqires a fundamentally different approach than throwing a run-of-the-mill landing page with a fragmented layer of search engine optimization and display ads. The digital marketing experts at Telloquent are trained to appreciate this complexity; they handle campaign design, execution and management keeping in mind the impact of their work on clients' bottomline profitability.

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  • Resourcing Services

    (Digital) Marketing is fast becoming a core expertise for many companies, specially those that are trying to differentiate on marketing. Many such companies are following a hybrid team structuring strategy - they ask agencies to handle some of the work and build in-house team to handle marketing technology, marketing automation execution and marketing optimization etc. Telloquent can provide you highly skilled certified professionals both at onsite (client location) and remotely (our delivery center at Bangalore). We can be your very own extended marketing team.

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Digital Strategy

Imagine selling 2X or 3X or even more with much better conversion rates and without increasing or overwhelming your salesforce. For most B2B and other companies with longer sales cycles, this has only been a dream. A full-funnel digital strategy with suitable MarTech infrastructure can now transform this dream into a reality. We believe this revolution in marketing is bound to dethrone many of the established but "laggard" brands and propel new but "early adopter" brands to the forefront. At Telloquent, we are looking to an exciting time working with new brands who believe in the power of digital revolution as much as we do.

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Years of hands-on experience with the most popular marketing technolgoy platforms and tools.

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