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Marketing Automation

Implementing a sophisticated marketing automation suite is only half of the solution. The other half is the effective integration of the marketing platform with the rest of the enterprise – CRM, sales, digital assets, websites, apps, AdTech platforms and several other systems. We help you identify the most appropriate Marketing Automation platform for your business and provide customized implementation to suite your specific needs. Various digital assets, life-cycle triggers, workflows are etc. are designed after tracing your customers' journey in comprehensive detail.

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Salesforce (SFDC) Pardot Implementation

Our SFDC Pardot certified consultants with several years of experience implementing marketing automation platforms can help you setup Pardot in the most effective way. We also provide extensive post implementation support and do a lot of hand-holding in case you choose to use an in-house team to manage the system post-implementation.

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HubSpot Implementation

For most SME's, HubSpot is increasingly becoming a preferred marketing automation platform of choice - especially if they want to keep things simple or have limited resources to manage a marketing automation platform. We have successfully implemented HubSpot for various business verticals and bring extensive expertise in configuring the platform to generate great return on investments for you.

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Marketo Implementation

Marketo is the oldest and arguably the powerful marketing automation platform particularly chosen by large clients who have more complex needs. Marketo certified consultants at Telloquent provide customized Marketo implmentation with perfect admin routines, new landing pages for unqiue customers segments, highly optiized scoring algorithms and integration with any software that you may want to connect with Marketo.

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oracl marketing cloud

Oracle Marketing Cloud Implementation

If you already using Oracle technology stack, it'd make a lot of sense to choose Oracle Marketing Cloud as it has native integrations with other Oracle products. Oracle Marketing Cloud certified consultants at Telloquent can help you identify various integration points and work with the development team to implement Oracle marketing cloud. We provide extensive post implementation support and also provide onsite resources to manage this complex piece of technology when requested.

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Customer Data Platform

For clients who have a number customer touch-points and many legacy or third-party systems where customer data may be stored, implementing CDP allows them to create a centeral repository of all customer records. Regardless of what vendor you have chosen to setup your CDP, an extensive amount of system integration work is required to connect CDP with all other systems that generate customer or customer related data. We help clients choose and implement CDP with a proper governance plan that enables them to create a complete picture of thier customers.

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