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Digital Marketing Strategy for Real Estate

You cannot really trick customers into buying real estate with seductive ads or by luring them into filling up a lead capture form on a landing page. They'll go cold when you call them back. Real estate customers spend a lot of time researching before they decide to buy real estate. Appreciating this specific behavior lies at the center of our digital marketing strategy. Using our real-estate specific tools, we identify segments of customers with higher chances of buying your project and focus on educating them (using various digital touch-points) about the benefits of investing with you.

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Leads to Customers Conversion Strategy

Generally, the leads-to-customers conversion rate for real estate is very poor, especially in case of leads that are generated through online marketing or real estate portals such as commonfloor etc. However, this neededn't be the case - we have helped many clients improve leads-to-customers conversion rates by implmenting marketing automation and training sales teams to engage customers over a sustained period of time for better conversion. Our marketing automation strategy customized for real estate industry can increase your conversion rate by upto 50% and help you close many more deals.

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