Optimizing landing pages for long-term lead generation

Optimizing Landing Pages

Marketers and marketing automation experts know that well-designed landing pages can drive results and boost your revenue figures. Marketers who can strategically use landing pages can attract maximum web traffic. In general, there are two types of landing pages – click-through landing pages and lead generation landing pages. In this blog, we will be talking about optimizing the 2nd type of landing pages.

Lead generation landing pages, as the name suggests, refers to landing pages designed to capture business leads for the marketing funnel. This is done by including forms and queries in the landing page that acquire the personal information of visitors, like their names, email addresses, phone numbers etc. This category of landing pages is a great sales strategy, as it helps in acquiring leads and more leads equal more sales. While almost every marketer knows the importance of designing an attractive landing page, very few know how to optimize it to acquire more leads. Read on to know 5 tips that can help you optimize your landing pages for maximum lead generation:

1.The Design – The first thing that your customers will notice about your landing page is the design. An attractive and eye-catching design is imperative for capturing more quality business leads. The landing page design should be clear and compelling. While designing a landing page, designers should focus on minimizing the textual content and include more graphics and images. The landing page should have clear paragraphs, headlines and subtitles and bright, engaging colours should be used to catch the attention of potential customers.

2. Headlines – Your headlines are the first thing that visitors see on your landing page. The headline is the key to retaining visitors on your landing page. The headline should provide a gist of the landing page content without being too long or informative. Ideally, a landing page headline should not exceed 6 words. Short and catchy headlines generate user interest, making them read the landing page content and click on the CTA. While the tone of the headline depends upon the brand, it should evoke a sense of curiosity amongst visitors.

3.CTA – One of the most important components of your landing page is the call-to-action button. The landing page content is incomplete without strategically placed CTA buttons. The CTA button prompts the visitor to click and thereby turn into business leads. In case of a lead generation landing page, this is of crucial importance, as the objective of such landing pages is to gather customer information and data. While creating the CTA, several factors should be kept in mind. The CTA should be placed in easily visible portions of the landing page, like the header. To make the CTA stand out, it should be in bold font and in a colour which contrasts against the landing page base colour without being jarring. In addition, marketers must ensure that the CTA evokes a sense of urgency in the minds of the visitors, prompting them to submit their information.

4. Optimize – Even the most well-designed landing page can be ineffective without optimization. Landing pages should be optimized to be SEO-friendly. This can be done by inserting high search volume keywords in the page title and meta description. In addition, the landing page URL should be structured properly with keywords and subfolders. Apart from the landing page, the forms within the landing page should also be optimized. The form should be strategically placed in the landing page to be easily visible to visitors. It should also include minimal fields, as long forms result in higher bounce rates.

5.A/B Testing – The success rates of your landing pages is a variable factor. Something that works for one company may not work for another. This is why A/B testing is the most helpful tool that marketers can use to understand what their customers actually want. Marketers should A/B test different landing page options to see what is resonating with their audience. Apart from testing the landing pages, different parts of a single landing page can also be tested, to boost conversion rates.

Landing pages for the generation of leads can be extremely helpful for marketers to acquire high-quality business leads for the marketing funnel. Landing pages that have been optimized display higher conversion rates by piquing the users’ interest in your offerings and ensuring they submit their information. Incorporating the above tips when you create a landing page can help you drive your lead generation efforts. 


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