Marketing Automation


We offer technical know-how and expertise in identifying relevant marketing automation tools that are best suited for your objectives & goals. We conduct an in-depth evaluation of your existing processes & provide solutions which are aligned to your goals, thereby achieving efficiency and scalability.




Marketing Automation

Their Challenge —

The client is one of the world’s leading IT management software companies. It creates software that fuels transformation for businesses and enables them to seize the opportunities of the application economy. The client has nine global business units, 15,000 employees and 45+ business solutions. Its core marketing automation team consists of 11 people.

The client was using a basic marketing funnel that just sucked in leads and unintelligently and randomly distributed them out to the sales team. The client had no control over how leads were managed or passed through the conversion funnel. Unqualified leads were wasting useful sales time and were also leading to ineffective marketing. Another factor contributing to the chaos was that the lead sources and the marketing database were not connected. So, the sales had almost no insight or background on the leads passed on to them.

The Solution —

Analyzing the challenges: Telloquent helped the client by first analyzing their current lead management parameters. We also conducted meetings with the sales and marketing teams to get a clear picture of the solution needed.

Implementing Marketo: Out of the various options available, we found that Marketo would be the best tool that had all the capabilities to simplify the client’s marketing challenges. We helped the client in implementing Marketo and customizing it to meet the business objectives.

How Telloquent Helped? —

Connecting the dots: We first thing we did was to connect the various leads and lead sources. Making Marketo as the central database we, integrated all the leads and their behavior details at a single place. Unknown leads were put through Real-Time Personalization to generate better customer profiles.

Lead classification and scoring: Next, we helped the client in setting the right parameters for lead classification and lead scoring based on the criteria critical to the sales and marketing teams.

Customized nurturing programs: With the use of Marketo, we helped the marketing team design and develop customized nurturing programs based on the needs of the sales team. We helped create various multi-step nurturing campaigns that engage the leads throughout the conversion funnel and passes on only the most qualified leads to the sales team.

Advanced Progressive profiling: Created custom, shorter Marketo forms for better lead intelligence which resulted in realizing 70% more sales with incremental lead enrichment.
Email Preference Center: Helped to reduce email unsubscribe rate by 37% by delivering relevant messages.

Key Benefits —

  • Increased conversion: With the use of Marketo the client observed a remarkable 400% increase in conversion rate from marketing qualified leads to sales ready leads.
  • Reduced lead nurturing efforts: The client’s marketing team was able to run 24+ intelligent and sophisticated nurturing programs in a month.
  • Greater engagement: All the programs had either score-based or program-status-based transition rules, to make sure that the prospects advance to the next stage only if they interact with the content delivered previously.  
  • Better usage of Marketo: Telloquent enabled proper and smooth use of smart campaigns, which run much faster with the use of right nurturing techniques.
  • Leveraging dynamic content: Telloquent helped the client set-up multilingual content for Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions, as one nurture can support up to 15 languages in Marketo.
  • Smoother and faster lead lifecycle: Proper lead nurturing across segments ensured that the lead lifecycle was planned out smoothly.

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