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Lead Nurturing with Marketing Automation

If you are a marketer, your day would generally be beginning and ending with the word ‘leads’! Generating leads, nurturing leads, converting leads, retaining leads – a marketer spends most…

Aquisition tools
Digital Marketing MarTech

5 Customer Acquisition Tools that you need to start using!

Your business is of no value without customers. The difference between a successful business and an unsuccessful one lies in the number and presence of customers. While retaining existing customers…

Digital Marketing MarTech

Lead Generation Strategies during Lockdown & Economic Crisis

The world is an unrecognizable place right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people live and work. Several companies have imposed mandatory lockdowns to stop the spread of…

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10 Marketing Automation Trends for 2020

Marketing automation is increasingly gaining traction amongst brands. Companies are adopting marketing automation tools to optimize their marketing functions and drive growth. Read on to know 10 major marketing automation…