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What is eCommerce marketing automation and how is it helpful?

With rising competition, marketers are adopting different new-gen technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Marketing automation is one such technology that marketers are turning towards to increase their revenue…

Optimizing Landing Pages

Optimizing landing pages for long-term lead generation

Marketers and marketing automation experts know that well-designed landing pages can drive results and boost your revenue figures. Marketers who can strategically use landing pages can attract maximum web traffic….


10 best email marketing automation tools

Email marketing automation involves designing and sending personalized emails to prospective customers on a time-bound basis. With email marketing automation, marketers can send customized emails that are triggered by certain…

Marketing Automation benefits sales

4 ways marketing automation benefits sales

Long-term growth and development of an organization is reliant upon the smooth functioning of all the internal departments. This is especially true with respect to the marketing and sales departments….


Marketing Automation Success: Panasonic

According to a Salesforce report, 67% of marketing leaders currently use a marketing automation platform. Marketing gurus have been quick in adopting this new marketing technology and implementing the same…

Marketing Automation

5 mistakes everyone makes with marketing automation!

While marketing automation has taken over the marketing world by storm, there are several organizations that are yet to adopt this technology. The main reason why even the most tech-savvy…

Paper Style

Marketing Automation Success – Paper Style

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of small-scale companies adopting marketing automation software. By using marketing automation, companies across industries are leveraging their marketing efforts…


4 ways to make your marketing automation less robotic

Dominic Cummins stated that “Businesses aren’t B2B or B2C, they’re Human to Human (H2H)” and nothing could be truer! Although marketing automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc are rapidly gaining…

Marketo Features

5 features of Marketo that will make you a pro at Marketing Automation!

Marketing automation experts all over the world swear by Marketo as their favoured marketing automation platform! This is mainly due to the myriad advanced features that Marketo offers, which are…