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Landing Pages Design
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4 amazing landing page designs that drove results!

Landing pages are the secret weapon that marketers use to generate high-quality leads and boost profits. However, creating landing pages isn’t an easy task. To get your customers to click…

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing During A World Pandemic

The world is changing due to the health pandemic. Businesses are going online to survive. This has created a high level of popularity for digital marketing. Brands are turning to…

Marketo Features

5 features of Marketo that will make you a pro at Marketing Automation!

Marketing automation experts all over the world swear by Marketo as their favoured marketing automation platform! This is mainly due to the myriad advanced features that Marketo offers, which are…


5 Marketo Hacks to Save your Time!

Do you use Marketo to automate your business functions? Whether you’re a Marketo expert or a beginner, efficiently understanding and implementing Marketo can get confusing. The point of any marketing…

Content Marketing with Marketing Automation

Make the most of Content Marketing with Marketing Automation

Every marketer worth his/her salt knows that content is king! Valuable and relevant content can engage and entice your customers in a way that nothing else can. Content marketing strategies…

Content marketing funnel

How to build a content marketing funnel?

According to Lyfe Marketing, content marketing produces 3x the leads for 67% cost. Having an effective content marketing strategy can boost conversions by getting customers to come to you. While…


How to use AI for Marketing Automation?

This is the age of automation and artificial intelligence! Every organization, big and small, are implementing AI, machine learning and marketing automation into their functions. According to a study conducted…

Marketing Automation

5 steps in selecting a B2B Marketing Automation Platform

Every organization has its own set of needs, goals and requirements which are completely unique from that of other organizations. Unique needs require unique solutions. This is especially true in…

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How to align sales and marketing via marketing automation?

The sales and marketing teams in an organization play a valuable role in contributing to the overall profit figures and productivity. Effective alignment of the sales and marketing departments is…