What is eCommerce marketing automation and how is it helpful?

With rising competition, marketers are adopting different new-gen technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Marketing automation is one such technology that marketers are turning towards to increase their revenue figures. By automating repetitive marketing functions, marketers can focus their efforts on core activities. Marketing automation has now become a requirement for every industry, including the eCommerce industry. eCommerce marketing automation is in high demand amongst eCommerce companies due to the tediousness and the repetitive nature of this niche business. 

What is eCommerce marketing automation? Simply speaking, it is nothing but automating repetitive and mundane tasks of the eCommerce business using automation tools and platforms. As an eCommerce brand, there is no end of marketing activities that you can conduct to drive your sales. However, marketing campaigns require some investment of time which might not be possible. This is where marketing automation comes in. With eCommerce marketing automation, marketers can build customer engagements and drive productivity within the organization. Implementing marketing automation platforms in the eCommerce industry come with several benefits:

Customer Service

What is that one thing that every brand wants, irrespective of the industry? The answer is gaining new customers and retaining existing ones. Customers require a superior customer service to stick to your brand. By superior customer service, we mean quick, timely and satisfactory resolution of grievances and fulfilment of requirements. Implementing marketing automation in eCommerce can help marketers reduce time by automating repetitive tasks, previously performed by human resources. In addition, marketing automation platforms are the easiest way of personalizing marketing communication. Customers who receive content that is relevant and customized have higher emotions of loyalty towards the brand.   

Lead Generation  

One of the primary functions of marketing automation is to generate more marketing-qualified and sales-qualifies leads. Brands that are systematic and strategic towards their lead generation process acquire more high-quality leads. Marketing automation platforms come with features like lead nurturing and lead scoring which helps in the generation of qualified leads. Instead of wasting time on leads that have minimal chances of conversion, eCommerce companies can use marketing automation to identify the leads that have a higher probability of converting. Personalized content, nurturing campaigns and relevant marketing strategies will prompt customers to move towards the end of the sales funnel and convert into paying customers.

Customer Engagement

For any eCommerce business to succeed, customers must engage with the company, its campaigns and activities. This is easier said than done! With ad blindness, even the most interesting campaigns might get missed by your target customers. To drive customer engagement, marketers need to think out-of-the-box. With marketing automation, brands can analyse comprehensive customer data to understand what are their individual requirements. Based on this data, marketers can design email campaigns, social media ads and landing pages that are personalized and add value to the customers. By providing customers with timely information, which is helpful for them, brands can drive customer engagement.

Cost Optimization

Long-term revenue generation and profitability depend upon cost optimization. Companies need to consistently work towards optimizing their overall costs and expenses to help in improving the ROI. With eCommerce marketing automation, brands can automate repetitive manual tasks. This, in turn, helps in saving thousands of dollars in employee costs. Companies can automate redundant functions, thereby allowing human resources to focus their efforts on more critical and revenue-generating functions. By streamlining manual power, an eCommerce business can optimize costs and drive revenue.

Businesses that can take advantage of the advent of marketing automation platforms in the eCommerce industry can easily capture a sizeable section of the market within a short period of time. Automating functions of an eCommerce business is the smart thing to do as it contributes towards boosting the ROI of the company.  At Telloquent Solutions, we have ample experience in working with eCommerce companies to automate their businesses and generate quality leads. Know more.

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