In today’s world both AI and ABM are revolutionizing leads generation industry. Imagine if you combined them

Leadspace is a platform which brings data and analytics together across the marketing stack for the leading B2B companies, brings artificial intelligence to B2B marketing today.

Leadspace delivers the data and intelligence you need to find and engage with your ideal prospect, integrated with your existing CRM and marketing automation workflow.


The best B2B data, aggregated on demand.

  • Enrich accounts and leads with more than 80 fields of information per record. Get better insight into prospects, including the technologies they use, areas of expertise and actual job functions—not just titles.
  • Improve data quality with accurate contact information, so your marketing campaigns reach the right people, and your sales teams can respond and engage with up-to-date phone numbers.
  • Qualify, segment and route leads automatically by industry, company size, geography, company technologies, site-level hierarchy and more.


  • Predict which prospects are ready to buy, and when. Automatically find the highest-quality leads with the highest propensity to convert. Focus sales and marketing efforts on the right accounts and individuals.
  • Segment personas by Ideal Customer Profile. Know immediately which leads and accounts most closely match the characteristics of your best customer. Create better targeted account and lead lists, plus forecasts and TAM analysis.
  • Find cross-sell and upsell opportunities by surfacing new customers at established accounts, and creating target lists of net-new “whitespace” accounts.


  • Create target/named account lists built on your Ideal Customer Profile and lay a solid foundation for your account-based marketing activities.
  • Reach decision makers in target accounts with personalized outreach and engagement, built on specific, individual job function, level, buying authority and more.
  • Match leads to accounts to get a complete picture of a prospect. Automatically connect people (leads) to the companies they work for (accounts). Know when someone from a top target account engages with you, even if they don’t put their company name on the form.
  • Route leads from new prospects at existing accounts to the right account teams and rescue unmapped leads already in your database.
  • Understand hierarchies among company locations to make sure you reach decision makers where they are. Route leads to the right regional sales reps and create territory lists.

Leadspace is the predictive analytics solution that provides lead-to-account and site-level-matching solutions.