5 Marketo Hacks to Save your Time!

Do you use Marketo to automate your business functions? Whether you’re a Marketo expert or a beginner, efficiently understanding and implementing Marketo can get confusing. The point of any marketing automation tool is to make your work smarter, not harder. Hence, today we are here with 5 Marketo hacks that are sure to save your time!

Hack 1 – Use tokens in emails

Make your life easier with tokens! One of the best Marketo hacks is the usage of tokens in emails, landing pages and smart campaigns. Tokens are variables that can be used to make emails and landing pages automated and more personalized. By inserting a token into an email system, you can ensure that all future emails include the value of the token without you having to make any changes manually. For example, you can use a token to start every email with the name of the recipient. This will add an element of personalization and also ensure that you do not need to manually enter the name of each and every recipient. Using tokens as a Marketo hack is something that the Marketo experts at Telloquent swear by and you should too!

Hack 2 – Archive old assets

Does your marketing agency execute several short-term campaigns? If yes, then there would be many outdated programs, landing pages and old assets taking up unnecessary space. The 2nd Marketo hack we’re going to discuss is archiving. Marketo allows you to archive your old programs which you are no longer using, in their archive folder. Once you archive a file, it will no longer be searchable through Marketo’s autosuggest feature. As a result, it’s much easier to search for and locate current programs, emails, landing pages and campaigns on the system.

Hack 3 – The results tab

Another great Marketo hack that can save your time and help you avoid any errors is the results tab, which can be used for smart campaigns. Often, while running a campaign, we may miss out on an essential step or make some mistake. This is where the results tab in Marketo comes in. With the help of the results tab, you can keep track of all your running campaigns. Consequently, you can track any errors or missed steps and address them quickly and effectively. This way, any major errors can be easily avoided.

Hack 4 – Proper naming conventions

One of the most important ways in which you can save your time and energy is to assign identifiable names to all your files. A proper naming convention should be followed for all your emails, landing pages and campaigns in Marketo. This is because you may have stored innumerable files within Marketo and locating something when you have less time might be difficult. Thus, an important Marketo hack to consider is to use extremely specific names for all your files, so that you can find them easily even after a year. Following a specific naming convention is something that our Marketo experts religiously follow and end up saving a huge amount of time.

Hack 5 – Marketo Events App

The Marketo Events App is especially useful during large-scale physical events. When you are expecting huge footfall at your event, using an Excel list to check off every person who is entering is impossible and a massive waste of time. This is where this Marketo hack can help you! The Marketo Events App can check-in people at your event and automatically sync everything in real-time. All this simple and easy-to-use app requires is for you to press the check-in button once a visitor enters and the entry will get automatically saved against the attendee’s name. No hassle and save your time, efforts and energy!

Marketo is one of the most effective marketing automation platforms in the market. Here we have just touched upon the Marketo hacks that the experts at Telloquent swear by! There are several more Marketo hacks that can make your life easier and your marketing campaigns more efficient and effective. If you would like to know more about making the most of Marketo, contact us at contact@telloquent.com