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Strategy during coronavirus

Your Guide to an Evolving Marketing Strategy during Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the world in a matter of weeks. With businesses shutting down and industries crashing, the world may be looking at a massive impending recession….

Marketing Automation

5 mistakes everyone makes with marketing automation!

While marketing automation has taken over the marketing world by storm, there are several organizations that are yet to adopt this technology. The main reason why even the most tech-savvy…

Paper Style

Marketing Automation Success – Paper Style

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of small-scale companies adopting marketing automation software. By using marketing automation, companies across industries are leveraging their marketing efforts…


4 ways to make your marketing automation less robotic

Dominic Cummins stated that “Businesses aren’t B2B or B2C, they’re Human to Human (H2H)” and nothing could be truer! Although marketing automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc are rapidly gaining…

Marketo Features

5 features of Marketo that will make you a pro at Marketing Automation!

Marketing automation experts all over the world swear by Marketo as their favoured marketing automation platform! This is mainly due to the myriad advanced features that Marketo offers, which are…

7 content marketing tools

7 Content Marketing Tools you must have!

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience…


Marketing Automation Success: Barack Obama’s Campaign

Marketing automation is one of the most revolutionary trends in the marketing world. Today, marketing automation software can be seen any and everywhere, including politics. The best example of this…


5 Marketo Hacks to Save your Time!

Do you use Marketo to automate your business functions? Whether you’re a Marketo expert or a beginner, efficiently understanding and implementing Marketo can get confusing. The point of any marketing…


How to use Marketing Automation to create a Conversion Funnel?

A conversion funnel refers to the path that your prospects take, ultimately resulting in a conversion. The percentage of prospects who convert into final customers is much smaller as compared…

Content Marketing with Marketing Automation

Make the most of Content Marketing with Marketing Automation

Every marketer worth his/her salt knows that content is king! Valuable and relevant content can engage and entice your customers in a way that nothing else can. Content marketing strategies…