Make the most of Content Marketing with Marketing Automation

Content Marketing with Marketing Automation

Every marketer worth his/her salt knows that content is king! Valuable and relevant content can engage and entice your customers in a way that nothing else can. Content marketing strategies can be made more potent with the help of marketing automation. A powerful marketing automation software can make your content more meaningful and personalized. Here are some ways how you can make the most of content marketing with marketing automation:

1. One of the most important tasks for any organization is to acquire new and relevant leads. This is mainly done with the help of a landing page which is created via marketing automation software. While creating a landing page, the question arises what content should be included in the same that will spark interest amongst your prospective customers. This is where content marketing comes in. By creating a landing page which not only contains valuable content which is interesting to the customers but also a form which gathers relevant information like email ID, contact number etc, you can acquire new leads who can turn into buying customers in the future. This Forbes landing page is an excellent example of the power of content marketing and marketing automation. Marketing automation can help you in creating such a landing page which provides interesting, concise information, entices customers with an eye-catching CTA and a form to collect information for further correspondence.


2. Once you have obtained your leads, you must nurture them so that they convert into paying customers. While lead nurturing is a marketing automation strategy, its success depends upon relevant and timely content. By using marketing automation software to track the actions visitors take on your website, you can streamline your content marketing strategy. Once your marketing automation software has effectively tracked the actions that your prospects have taken, your content marketing comes into play. One of the most effective methods to nurture your leads is via email marketing. Marketing automation can be used to not only personalize these emails but also automate them to be sent based on a specific action of the customer. Apart from personalized emails, sending whitepapers, product blogs and customer testimonials are also very effective in converting customers. The below email, sent by Nykaa once a particular out of stock item which was viewed by a customer is back in stock, is a great example of lead nurturing through content marketing.

3. A customer who has bought your product or service can be easily persuaded to buy other complementary items. Proper upselling and cross-selling techniques depend heavily upon a strong marketing automation and content marketing strategy. With the help of marketing automation, personalized emails and notifications can be sent to customers containing suggestions and content on other relevant products. This creates extensive opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. Amazon is the winner in this regard. As soon as a customer completes a purchase or adds an item to their bag, personalized messages are sent suggesting other similar products as well as similar products bought by other customers.

4. Marketing automation and content marketing also play a big role in sparking interest amongst customers who had made a purchase at some time but have been inactive since then. Marketing automation software can easily identify customers who haven’t interacted with the brand for quite some time. Moreover, marketing automation software includes a database which stores a customer’s purchase and browsing history. Based on this information, personalized emails can be created with interesting content on their likes and preferences as well as exciting offers.

Using content marketing and marketing automation is highly effective in engaging with customers and driving sales. Marketing automation software can identify your customers and their online behaviour while content marketing can create content based on this information which is interesting and engaging to the customers.

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